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Elected Officers

President – Annie Clark

Is to preside at all regular meetings and appoint committees to assist in the general supervision of this Organization , attend committee meetings, and co-sign all checks and vouchers. Attend all anniversaries in the city of all Churches in the I.C.U.A. Should have cabinet meetings once every three months.

First Vice President -  Mary A Robinson

Is to discharge the duties of the President in his or her absence. Attend any meeting the president is unable to attend.

Second Vice President – Janell Brown

When proper notification is given he or she is to discharge the duties of the President and First Vice President in the absence of the President or First Vice President.

Recording Secretary – Barbara Williams

Is to keep a record of the Organization at each meeting and read a report of the work done at previous meetings. At the close of the term of office, all property of the Organization shall be turned over to the successor.

Assistant Secretary – Anna Walters

Is to discharge the duty in absence of the Recording Secretary.

Corresponding Secretary – Ola Johnson

Read communication by letters, cards, etc at each meeting that was received.

Financial Secretary – Terri Buckley

Shall be to keep an accurate account of all monies of said Organization and turn same over to the Treasurer and receive receipt for same and be prepared to make quarterly reports and cosign all checks and vouchers. There will also be financial reports every meeting by Financial Secretary or Treasurer.

Treasurer – James Shropshire Jr.

Shall be to receive all monies paid into the Organization through the Financial Secretary and give receipt for same and deposit all finances in the bank within five (5) days after receipt and cosign all checks and vouchers. There will also be a financial report every meeting by the Treasurer.

Sergeant-At-Arms – Anita Barnett
Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms – Sam Robinson  

Shall be to keep order at all meetings of the said Organization, be alert at all times, observing all entrants and reporting to the chair the presence of all distinguished visitors.

Chaplain – Zula Motley
Assistant Chaplain – Hobson Hamilton

Shall be to conduct all devotional services of the said Organization at regular meetings and other meetings of Association when called upon.

Parliamentarian – Mary Sneed-Carter

To see that the rules and precedents of this Organization are carried out correctly.

Nominating Committee- Joyce Smith – Linda Fox

The Nominating Committee serves two years and consists of three persons appointed by the President with membership approval. There is a move-up system with the President serving four years. The Nominating Committee contacts the person being nominated and upon having acceptance, brings the name before the body.

This committee recommends a budget for the cost of our regional, state and national conferences and conventions..

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