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Appointed Officers

Alumni Department- Chairman Anita Barnett, Cazzell Smith 1st Chairman

Arts & Crafts – Cynethia Patterson

Auditing - CPA

Benevolent / Outreach Committee – Ola Johnson, James Shropshire, Mary Sneed-Carter

By-Laws – Beverly Bray, Marguerite Dowdell, Renatta Robinson

City Churches Banquet Honorary Churches - Marguerite Dowdell

Contact – All Ushers

Door Keeper – Mary Sommerville

Education –

Fifth Sunday Services Chairman - Mary Robinson

Sick & Flower - Darlene Elliott (Sympathy / Get Well Cards)

Junior Dept – Terri Buckley

Young Adult Dept – Terri Buckley

Public Relations – Janell Anderson-Brown (Community Awareness) / (Publicity)

School of Ushering - James Shropshire Chairman

Scholarship – Marguerite Dowdell, Regina Gainer, Renatta Robinson,

Souvenir – James Shropshire, Cazzell Smith, Mary Sommerville

Social Activities - Essie Barker, Beverly Lomax, Zula Motley, Helen McCorvey

State Board of Directors - Johnnie Hannah

Ticket Committee - Joyce Smith

City Contact / Calling Committee – Linda Fox, Renatta Robinson, Mary Sommerville

A.W. Briggs Health Unit - Joyce Smith

Nomination Committee - Linda Fox, Joyce Smith

Board of Trustee – Otis Beecher, Johnnie Hannah, Ola Johnson, Zula Motley, Sam Robinson, James Shropshire

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