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Church Nurses

A. W. Briggs Health Department
City of Akron

, Chairperson

Annie Clark, President

Our Mission

To teach from the Bible that man’s physical powers are a sacred endowment, that his body belongs to God, that it was formed in His image, that the Creator will hold man responsible for its care and development (I Corinthians 3:17; John 10;10, 3 John 2; Matthew 8:17, 2 Timothy 1:10; John 1:4 and that the very essence of the Gospel of Christ is restoration, not only for the mental and spiritual, but also physical man, we are concerned with the subject of our Youth life and health and the prevention and cure of disease as they rare related to the religion of Jesus Christ

Our Vision

As Church Nurses we will endeavor to do our best at all time, Laboring Together in love dedicated to nurturing the young, giving aid to the aged, the disable, injured and sick, helping the helpless in general. Continuing to get as much Health Education and training as possible and to distribute appropriate literature on health, foods, child care and etc. to all congregations.

As Church Nurses, we will do our best to live up to our motto:
“A Good Nurse is God’s Love on Display”

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