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Alumni Workshops

Akron I.C.U.A Alumni Department Churches Workshop

The Alumni Department organizes our churches workshop. Each church is asked to be responsible for presenting a workshop of their choice out of the Universal Church Usher manual.
You can be as creative if you like by games or some type of activity we can do as a group. These workshops keep us fresh on ushering and it’s fun as you learn.
Below is the schedule for 2020. If for some reason your church ushers are not able to be the workshop presenter, then it’s your responsibility to call the next church on the list and make arrangements for that workshop. It’s like trading places. You need to call the Alumni chairman and let her know about the change.
Thank you, for your obedience and dedication


January 27, 2020 History of Church Ushering, To be the Best Usher…,TACT- (pgs 7-17) All Ushers.
February 24, 2020 Ritualistic Service for a Deceased Church Usher (pgs. 50-52)  All Ushers
March 23, 2020 Desert Walk
April 27, 2020 Ushering in the time of Disaster (pgs. 54-56) All Ushers
May 25, 2020 No Meeting Memorial Day
June 22, 2020 Collection of offering (pgs. 43-46) Mt Olive Baptist Church and second Baptist Church
July 27, 2020 Ritualistic Service for a Deceased Church Usher (pgs. 50-52) All Ushers
August 24, 2020 Distress and All Clear Signals (pgs. 57-59) Shiloh Baptist Church & Wesley Temple AME Zion
September 28, 2020 Collection of offering (pgs. 43-46) All Church Usher Presidents
October 26, 2020 Duties of the “Usher in Charge” …. (pgs. 22-24) All Instructors
November 23, 2020 Special Guest Speaker
December 28, 2020 No meeting – Happy Holidays
January 2020 Next meeting February – Happy New Year

You may contact the Alumni Chairman:

Ms. Anita Barnett (Alumni Chairman) 234-208-9336
Mrs. Annie Clark, ICUA City President

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